Well, the Gamecock Boys of Summer took a pounding from those Arizona Bats last night in game one of the championship series in Omaha, and although The Red Man hates to be a Tommy Tattletaler, he thinks the Wildcats may not Fear the Fish.   That’s right Amigos.   Not only did they not Fear the Fish, they had the balls to wave homemade signs that said Flush the Fish.   Disrespect 101.

Moving on to Point Number Two.   What’s up with a whole team that has a gazillion batting average?   You heard me.  Not just one Big Bat but a shitload of Big Bats.   Geez Louise.   According to the ESPN commentators, no team in the history of CREATION  has ever had so many great hitters.   See Refsnyder hit.   See Refsnyder run.   See Refsnyder hit a home run.

See Red Man puke.

  Refsnyder, refsnyder, let Michael Roth throw a slider.

Ol’ Bald Coach Was There But He Couldn’t Watch

And so Sports Fans we move on to game two tonight and our entire household at Casa de Canterbury will be in the living room bleachers and rootin’ for the Cocks.   The Red Man says it’s never over until the fat lady or Don Meredith sings and so far he hasn’t heard either one of them warming up.   Time for Tanner Magic 333.   GO COCKS!!

P.S. Huge Thanks to Finn’s Fam for hosting Pretty and the old woman Slow for the game last night.  They turn to the Dark Side when the Cocks are losing and can ruin an evening in a heartbeat for the Pack at home with their histrionics so The Red Man says muchas gracias.