The Records and One of the Record Holders Martina Navratilova with a Hot Girl Sitting Next to Her.

The Hair

The Father

The Mother 

The Other Mother

The Players

The Winner!

The Loser 

The Old Men Who Pass Out Trophies

The Fans at Center Court in London

The Fans at Casa de Canterbury

(Photo Courtesy of Pretty)

Tomorrow: the Gentlemen’s Final.   Be still my beating heart.   Federer who would have been the crowd favorite if he weren’t playing  Murray, the sentimental British wannabe champion for the first time in more years than anyone can remember.   I hope I can contain my excitement.  The old woman Slow isn’t a Murray fan so she’ll probably pull for Federer.   Pretty loves Federer so she’ll probably want him to win against Murray.  We’ll see.  Sometimes Pretty can be swayed by getting caught up in a moment when history is on the line.

Stay tuned…