Hello out there in cyberspace to all my Sports Fans and did you happen to catch the Big Round Ball Game tonight over in Atlanta.  March Madness is winding down and only one more game to go tomorrow night and that’s the women’s final.  The men’s Final Four was finished with a win by the Louisville Cardinals over the Michigan Wolverines.  Ho hum?  The Red Man thinks not.  Nets were swishing as fast as a drag queen dancing Tina Turner’s Proud Mary at a midnight show in a gay bar.


Spike Albrecht – freshman for Michigan

Yeah, this guy Albrecht made 17 points in the first half and jump started the Wolverines offense.  Not too shabby for a kid who averaged fewer than 2 points a game this season and had a career high of 7 points before tonight.  Swish, swish.  He played out of gas in the second half, but Sisters and Brothers he was smokin’ in half numero uno which is Spanish for the first half.


Run run git around they get around

No wonder Spike was tired.  They ran up and down tha hardwoods so much I felt sorry for the referee with white hair.  It would be like the old woman Slow callin’ a game.  Sweet Jesus.  Get that picture out of my head.


Peyton Siva takes a free throw

Louisville had Composure.  Yep, they stayed on task and even when they were down by 12 points in the first half, they didn’t quit.  The Red Man sends Paw Snaps and Twirls to the National Champs for their focus and determination to keep on comin’.  Sometimes you just have to say I won’t quit.  And then don’t. Which they didn’t. And now they are the Victors to whom the spoils belong.  And speakin’ of Victors…


Coach Rick Pitino and Kevin Ware like to Win the Big One

Earlier today Coach Pitino was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame which is a Huge Honor and then his team won the title game tonight which made him the only coach to ever win a national championship at two different universities.  The first team was the University of Kentucky in 1996 and a mere seventeen years later, he wins at Louisville.  Very nice.  And BTW his son became the head coach at the University of Minnesota today.  Paw snaps and twirls and lots of barkin’ to the whole Pitino family.  The Basketball Gods smile on you and the fickle finger of Fate gives you a thumbs up.

What more could you want?  Well, it turns out Coach Peep also owns a horse that won the Santa Anita Derby and now has a very good shot at winnin’ the Kentucky Derby.  Shit house mouse.  Owning a prize quarter horse will take a big chunk out of that $6 million he just made tonight, but The Red Man wouldn’t bet against him this year in the Derby. As a matter of fact, I need the name of that horse for future reference.

Get me outta here Percy…I have to do some horse research…

P.S. The horse’s name is Goldencents.  Perfect.