Day Eight of The French Open and the Big Wheels keep on rolling through the draw and Rafa Nadal celebrated his 27th birthday with a win on the clay courts that put him through to the quarterfinals followed by the crowd singing Happy Birthday in French which he might not have even understood since he’s Spanish but the tune was familiar and an official Frenchman brought out the biggest birthday cake in the whole world and the old woman Slow wondered if anybody got a piece for real.

The best match of the day wasn’t the Big Wheels though but two guys The Red Man recognized and normally wouldn’t watch.  Stanislas Wawrinka and Richard Gasquet.  Geez Louise. Heart stopper.


The Wawrinka Box at a tense moment near the end of the

five-set marathon match


It’s okay guys – you can look now


I Won – Didn’t I?


Is it over yet?

And for all you Sports Fans who are wondering what’s up with the women well let’s just say Maria Sharapova’s tennis will help her new Social Network connections multiply by the gazillions.


She’s intense


But clenching your fists pays off


Sloane Stephens goes home – The Pack will miss her yellow outfits

Good news for the Gamecocks – they’re also rolling on to the Super Regional and the Flames have gone home to the Baptist college from whence they sprung.  Hallelujah.

Get me outta here Percy…I’m a Sports Freak Dog on the Edge and the time difference in Paris is killing me…