Well Amigos in cyberspace, just when you think you’re staying put in South Carolina lo and behold the next thing you know you’re pulling up at the Dairy Queen just over the LooseyAnna border in Carthage, Texas.  You remember the Bernie movie with the local Peeps from Carthage?  The Red Man has now visited Bernie’s DQ and eaten French fries from there and driven by the First Baptist Church of Carthage where Bernie no doubt supervised many a funeral..  Auntie Am brought the Bernie movie to Casa de Canterbury Thursday night when she came from Charleston to drive the old woman Slow and Paw Licker Annie and moi to Worsham Street.  She and Pretty watched it while Slow finished packing her pills and other whatnot.  Evidently it was a very funny Peep flick because there was a lot of laughing going on.  Little did any of us know that we would be driving right through Bernie’s hometown two days later.  Weird.  Serendipity.  Whatever.


Dodge Dakota pulls into DQ


We’re in Texas all right


Texas favorites – Slow’s comfort food


Hurry up old woman!  I don’t have all day.  Geez Louise.


Well Sports Fans, four paws up to the DQ and we’re glad to be back in the ‘Hood.  Paw Licker Annie is happy for the porch and I say let her have it if she wants it.  As for The Red Man – he’s looking for the cool spots.  Get me outta this heat Percy…