Good news for Worsham Street – Pretty’s back and she brought Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea with her.  Frankly, I could have done without the Needy Black Dog, but here she is and all I can say is Two’s a Party but Three’s a Crowd.


 We like our wide open spaces

at the West Montgomery County Park

Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea, moi and Spike


Of course The Red Man is still the Leader of the Pack

The week is a BLUR… Pretty roared in mid-week and immediately unloaded countless boxes of Stuff to add to the Stuff the old woman Slow has been organizing and pricing for the past two weeks here in the house .  This weekend is The Big Event:  it’s a moving sale extravaganza on Worsham Street.


What’s wrong with this picture?

Oops.  Unfortunately, the first day of the three-day weekend sale was a BUST as in only one couple showed up the entire day.  Pretty and Slow scratched their collective heads and figured a marketing glitch had occurred so a mad dash to Jim’s Hardware produced a fresh set of DELUXE signs and off they went tonight – along with the Imported Lesbian from South Carolina who thankfully has great talents in Sign Printing.  Personally, The Red Man thought they all lingered a little too long sniffing the Marks-A-Lot but what do I know.


I’m exhausted

The Imported Lesbian shared my sofa today

Hospitality is The Red Man’s strong suit

Get me outta here Percy.  We’ve got two more days of this nightmare.  Hope all of my Sports Fans are enjoying March Madness and having more fun than I am this weekend.