Team USA loses to Germany 1 – 0

Well, Amigos, Casa de Canterbury has joined the FIFA Frenzy in 2014 but we are in a Catch 22 because we are also caught up in Wimbledon tennis these days so thank God for the DVR thingie.  Be still my heart.  We have so much international viewing to do we seem to be dog tired, if you catch my drift.


Pretty studies FIFA rules

Pretty multi-tasks at night and tries to figure out how the USA advances to the next round of FIFA when it loses to Germany today.  Apparently there is some mysterious system and a Wizard in the land of FIFA Oz rolls a pair of dice and makes it a crap shoot for which teams move on.


Who cares about the system?

We’re still in the hunt

Meanwhile, across the Pond and Time Zones in Cyberspace, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer also advance past the slippery second round at the Wimbledon tennis tournament so Pretty and Slow can both be happy.  Happiness oozes at Casa de Canterbury tonight…


Rafa Nadal’s coach Uncle Tony very worried today


Rafa also worried in second set tiebreak


But he rallied and won in 4 sets


Warning: Adult Material

Oops – a little late on that warning

And so we come to the end of a very busy day for all of us in the bleacher seats.  Not everyone at Casa de Canterbury shares the enthusiasm of the two sports-nuts lesbians who are in charge of our daily lives.


Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea prefers

chasing the ball to watching it on TV

Get me outta here Percy…I think I hear the pellets hitting the food bowls downstairs…