Well Amigos, The Red Man has seen the Green Weenie the past few days, as the old woman Slow’s grandmother used to say whenever she saw too much of a good thing. Since Pretty has retired from the Mast General Store, The Red Man has been a doggie on the move.


Father’s Day in the Upstate with Pretty’s family

So Pretty got the brilliant idea to take a barbecue picnic up to her daddy’s place in Landrum, SC and her daddy had the brilliant idea to have the picnic up at this covered bridge which was somewhere out in the boonies and the supposedly famous saying about how it’s always 10 degrees COOLER in the Upstate was clearly proven to be a bald-faced lie. It was hotter than you could imagine in your wildest imagination of hot, and The Red Man was forced to cool off in the little stream running under the covered bridge. Pretty was fine with that.


Always nice to make new friends

Other people had decided to picnic at the old covered bridge, and we all ended up in the water to try to survive the heat and humidity.


Getting out of the water was tricky – the rocks were as slippery as glass


Thank God for Pretty who was also barefoot in the stream with moi


Meanwhile back at the picnic,

The old woman Slow got the last of the Super Delicious Chocolate Cake

(cake courtesy of our good friend  Baker Jim)


Pretty took me to see the Campbell’s Covered Bridge

(which begged the question, what’s the Big Deal about a bridge?)


The Red Man looks a lot more refreshed than Slow does

Yessiree, the heat is hard on Slow, but she kept a good attitude because we wrapped up the picnic and drove around in the air-conditioned car for what seemed like days and days.


We definitely saw some sights…and found out where they came from

So Sports Fans, Father’s Day was a long, exhausting day for The Red Man, and this was only Day One of our travels. Stay tuned.


Get me outta here, Percy…The Red Man is trying to recover from Pretty’s retirement.